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SOA’s business solutions have enabled our clients to develop fast, swift, and pioneering processes that help lower costs, reduce risk, achieve objectives, expand operations, and evolve with ever-changing business requirements, industry trends, and market demand.

At SOA, we offer our clients cutting-edge effective and economic tools that enable them to achieve desired goals and objectives and optimal business solutions.

Working with SOA, clients receive specialized and customized expertise from our team of professionals and partners. We leverage on a broad range of advanced knowledge in developing and implementing global business solutions in industries such as Oil & Gas (Total System Engineering), Energy & Power, IT infrastructure, Telecommunication, Quality & Risk Management, Procurement, Program and Project Management.


SOA in collaboration with our partners provide a broad range of services that not only provide advanced solutions but also ensures optimal achievement of client’s desire goals throughout its entire life cycle.

In selecting SOA’s Business Solution services, clients not only collaborate with our worldwide network of highly trained consultants, they also gain access to our globally integrated knowledgebase. As a result, they obtain the world-class expert support associated with the SOA brand. Below are a few of the industries we cover:

  • Oil & Gas (Total System Engineering) – We are committed to providing the highest quality support through all stages of Engineering Design, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, and Maintenance of a project as well as Managerial support. Our Oil & Gas industry services incorporate great flexibility because we recognize that Clients’ needs in this industry are constantly changing.
  • Energy & Power – With the growing pressure that global demand for energy and power is exerting on limited natural resources, there is a fast growing interest in and demand for alternative energy (or Green Energy); SOA and partners explore opportunities to provide new capacity and technology that provide cost effective access to desired energy and power resources while meeting international and local standards.
  • IT Infrastructure – We work with our clients to plan and build much-needed IT solutions as well as upgrade and manage all existing IT landscape. With our state-of-the-art technology and professional expertise, our clients can choose amongst our innovative models, the one(s) that best fits their profile and project goals – improving IT operations, reducing cost of ownership, and maximizing investments.
  • Telecommunication – SOA has built a reputation of providing clients with advance technology in end-to-end network and IT solutions in collaboration with the various OEMs we represent. We are a one-stop solution for our client’s entire telecommunication requirement.
  • Quality and Risk Management – SOA quality and risk management solution helps our clients to identify and manage the risks inherent in implementing projects that can realize strategic and operational objectives, offer guidance in the review of project progress, assess technical design, and analyzing solution’s alignment with business needs.
  • Procurement – SOA’s mission is simple... to assist companies in increasing quality by using our knowledge of the current marketplace to properly analyze and negotiate a given product or service need and capitalize on our strategic partnership with OEMs.
  • Transportation – With the abet of our partners and supplier, SOA provides state of the art services in air, water, rail, and land transportation systems to give our clients a world-class edge.
  • Program and Project Management – SOA offers support in accomplishing the organizational goals that can increase the effectiveness of complex programs and resolve the challenges involved in instituting organizational change. SOA utilizes a variety of industry-proven systems, tools, and professional expertise that ensure proper program/project design, program/project effectiveness, and full compliance. This leads to the achievement of program/project objectives while maintaining utmost integrity.